This Building Performance Equipment (BPE, LLC) Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) installation, along with three other BPE ERV systems, vents a Pentachloride environment superfund cleanup site that was discovered beneath a 96,400-sq.ft. industrial building. After installation, parts per million (ppm) testing of the working environment showed improved, healthy indoor air quality.

Used by Haglid EngineeringTM in all their ventilation system designs, BPE ERVs can operate at over 90% thermal efficiency and make even the grumpiest co-workers comfortable and much easier to work with! So, If BPE’s high-performance ERVs can improve the IAQ of a workspace above a bedrock superfund cleanup site, what can they do for the average commercial or residential property? BPE systems are all about indoor air quality, human comfort, saving energy, and ultimately … helping to save our planet!