Haglid Engineering with BPE designs state of the art 91% plus efficiency energy recovery ventilation systems. Sheri Tingey, owner of Alpacka Rafts, states that there has been a dramatic improvement n the air quality and ventilation. The BPE ERV unit definitely pulls the fumes out of the building and provides a safer work environment for employees!

Marty’s Reliable Cycle is “saving the world with bikes,” and through its incorporation of high-efficiency energy recovery, the shop is also taking 39,502 car-miles (36,182 lbs. of CO¬2) off the road every year.


By working with the LEED® accredited staff at Haglid Engineering, Walter Kanzler, AIA, LEED AP of Eco Collaborative, LLC was able to achieve the ultimate goal of LEED certification. Haglid engineers provided several value-added services to the project, including energy modeling, ventilation design consultations, and certification assistance through LEED Online.

Bourbon BBQ – The Energy Engineering, HVAC and Architectural work supplied by Haglid Engineering and used BPE high efficiency energy recovery units, this has allowed us to reach our goal of energy efficiency while maintaining optimal comfort for our employees and customers. It has definitely made our restaurant greener. – Mike Feygin, Owner

The BPE energy recovery ventilator was a key component of the project. Just one BPE-XE-MIR 500 series heat exchanger contributed toward satisfying EA Credit 1.3 – Optimizing Energy Performance, HVAC, MR Credit 5 – Regional Materials, IEQ Credit 1 – Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring, and IEQ Credit 2 – Increased Ventilation. In combination with the other energy reduction measures, Marty’s new shop is expected to use 40% less energy.


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