Forensic Engineering

Comprehensive Forensic Engineering Investigations: Haglid Engineering and Associates®

Led by Professional Engineer and Registered Architect Klas Haglid, Haglid Engineering and Associates® has the seasoned skills to quickly identify the causes behind structural and architectural failures, discover product defects, and point out careless system breakdowns. Diligent reports and depositions provide clear analysis in determining responsibility for property damage and unfortunate accidents while offering suggestions for avoiding repeat incidents.

Sought After in the Industry

Known for his expertise, Haglid has contributed to notable handbooks in the building industry. His chapter covering HVAC standards and Building Envelope Litigation in Engineering Standards for Forensic Application, edited by Dr. Richard McLay and Dr. Robert Anderson (Academic Press), includes Carbon Monoxide Deaths at a Ski Chalet–a study in experimental techniques for producing evidence used as the basis of opinion by an expert. The integrity of a two-story, wood frame building envelope was tested for its ability to eliminate CO. 

Engineering Standards for Forensic Application – 1st Edition, Published 21st September 2018 by Academic Press, Copyright 2019 Elsevier Inc, eBook ISBN: 9780128132418, Hardcover ISBN: 9780128132401, Contributing Chapter 7 – Carbon Monoxide, HVAC Standards, and Building Envelope Litigation. Author: Klas C. Haglid, P.E., R.A.

Who are We Here to Serve?

Private Clients


Insurance Companies

Our Forensic Engineering Services

  • Investigate and improve building and machine efficiency and design.
  • Assess property structural concerns.
  • Aid in due diligence investigations.
  • Find mitigative solutions to workplace hazards.
  • Assess building code compliance.
  • Locate causes of mold, water damage, corrosive conditions, and fires.
  • Offer preventative solutions for avoiding structural damage, accidents, and/or fatalities on properties.
  • Assess storm damage.
  • Review designs for potential pitfalls.

We’ve had the Pleasure of Working with:

  • CNA Insurance Company PMA Ins. Group
  • Department of Justice – State of Delaware
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Donegal Insurance Company
  • First Union Securities
  • Franklin Mutual Insurance Company
  • Hartford Insurance Company
  • Hope Owners Warranty
  • Invision Technologies
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Legion Insurance Company
  • Mt. Hawley Insurance Co.
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • One Beacon Insurance
  • Penn National Insurance
  • GSA
  • PMA Ins. Group
  • Performance Insurance
  • Residential Warranty
  • RLI Insurance
  • Selective Insurance Company
  • State Farm Insurance Company
  • TASA Group
  • The Burlington Insurance Company
  • The FMI Companies
  • The Travelers Indemnity Company
  • U.S. Inspect
  • Utica National Insurance Group
  • Vermont Property and Casualty
  • Zurich Insurance
  • TSA – Federal Government

Our specialty: Sustainable Buildings and Systems

Not every forensic engineer knows his way around sustainable buildings—how they should work, design pitfalls, as well as ways to achieve superior efficiency and Net-Zero or Net-Power-Producing potential. With its experience in sustainable energy and architecture, Haglid Engineering and Associates is uniquely positioned to find flaws in this way of building that is so essential for our future. It’s our passion, really.

What’s stopping your building from achieving LEED, ENERGYSTAR, or another green building certification? What’s the most efficient and cost-effective way to meet requirements? Did someone promise you the world in efficiency, but your resulting energy bills say otherwise? We’ll point out what went wrong–and we have the expertise to help you fix it.

About Klas C. Haglid, R.E., R.A., F-DFE, CEM, NCEES

President of Paramus Rotary

Fellow – NAFE of NSPE

President of IBFES

Chairman of Board Review of IBFES Candidates

Trustee 2020 to 2023 – NY State Practice Institute of Engineering (PIE)

Paul Harris Fellow

Inventor of the Building Performance Equipment, Inc. “Long Ass” ERV.

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