Client: Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, NJ.


Challenge: The challenge was to bring fresh air to the back office areas of Newark Airport, which were isolated from outdoor air intakes by new construction and steel-reinforced concrete structural members. Using conventional ventilation techniques with partial energy recovery, hot/cold water coils, and ductwork to resolve this issue would have cost more than $100,000. Haglid Engineering fixed this problem for less than half the price.


Solution: To provide a fresh air supply, we used a BPE-200 X-Type heat exchanger with a heavy-duty 8″ Inline fan and a 200-foot-long 8″ flex line. The exchanger was efficient enough to condition the outdoor air to within 5°F of room temperature without additional heating and cooling coils, greatly simplifying the fresh air ventilation system. The entire installation totaled less than $5,000.


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