Client: Chrysalis Yoga Studio & Café in Burlington, Ontario, Canada


Challenge: Chrysalis Yoga & Café is not an ordinary yoga studio. The program line-up includes ‘hot yoga’, which is specifically designed to loosen muscles and allow for ease of stretching. Such classes are conducted within highly humid conditions at temperatures more than 105°F. While the elevated heat is beneficial to students and the studio’s reputation, it creates an enormous operating expense, especially in respect to ventilation. The heavy breathing exercises of high-occupancy classes calls for plenty of fresh air by way of proper ventilation. Could the studio install an HVAC system capable of drawing in outdoor air at -3°F and converting it to 105°F without costing a fortune?

Solution: Working with Excel Heating, building contractor John O’Dell (O’Dell Associates) installed a single BPE-XE-MIR-2000 ERV unit with high-efficiency inline fans. He states, “By using state-of-the-art Building Performance Equipment, Inc. energy recovery modules (ERVs), we can save Chrysalis $1,000 a month and pre-heat the cold outdoor air to 92°F. It makes the yoga studio more comfortable and saves a lot of energy and money.”

Thanks to BPE ‘s strides in innovative energy recovery, Chrysalis Yoga & Café improved its Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and drastically reduced its utility costs and carbon footprint in a green and sustainable manner.


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