Client: Chanel, Inc., International Manufacturer of Fine Perfumes in Piscataway, NJ.


Challenge: This large international perfume manufacturer had issues with indoor air quality (IAQ), temperature control, and high energy bills prone to double-digit rate increases. Furthermore, exhausting chemical fumes ran the risk of damaging existing ventilation technology solutions.

Solution: Haglid Engineering designed a solution to correct the issues at the Chanel plant: Four BPE-MIR-XE-2000 cfm high-efficiency, air-to-air, direct counter-flow heat exchangers were installed. These units improved indoor air quality, reduced energy bills, and remained undamaged from chemical fumes due to their polypropylene structure. Employees immediately noticed a marked improvement in comfort within that area of the building.

Jouko Tahvanainen, Plant Engineering Manager at Chanel, told us that the comfort level in the area where the equipment was installed improved substantially. “We are seeing some nice energy savings as well,” he noted. He added that measurements on the intake and exhaust air temperatures had been taken and were very promising.

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