Our Services

  • ENERGY STAR ® BENCHMARKING FOR CERTIFICATION. Let us help you achieve ENERGY STAR certification for your commercial building. In fact, through the use of Building Modeling Software Simulation and Advanced Fluid Dynamic Modeling, buildings can be optimized to use 90% less energy and improve human comfort while helping to solve the energy crisis.


  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY AUDITS. Clean, fresh air is essential to health and productivity. HEA can ensure your work or home environment has you breathing easy.


  • ARCHITECTURE. We believe creativity and sound engineering must come together to build structures you’ll be proud to live and work in as we move toward a greener, more sustainable building stock.


  • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. When it comes to sound engineering practices, it’s important to look at the big picture. Creative problem solving is our passion, and so we approach each project open to new solutions that meet our client’s current needs and provide exciting ROI for the future.


  • ENERGY SAVING HVAC SOLUTIONS. We believe that people can enjoy fresh air and comfortable temperatures indoors in any climate from -40F to 130F anywhere in the world through the use of heat energy recovery. We’ve proven it, too (see our case studies). How? We design and manufacture our own energy recovery ventilation systems through our sister company, Building Performance Equipment, Inc.


  • SUSTAINABLE BUILDING AND RETROFITS. We love a good story where people have saved thousands in energy costs, but we enjoy doing our part for the planet, too. Through creative solar, lighting, and HVAC solutions, we provide our clients with fantastic ROI and raise lower their carbon footprint at the same time. In fact, we can achieve Net Zero energy results where a building makes more energy than it uses without throwing more emissions into the atmosphere. So, our projects provide more money in your pocket and good karma! Who could argue with that?


  • BUILDING FORENSICS. We investigate and improve building and machine design for private clients, builders, and insurance companies.
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