No matter how your day is going, we can all use a bit of good news. Even better, we all want to know that the work we do in the clean energy business is paying off. The 2017 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook can kick your day up a notch on both fronts. Produced by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, the Factbook provides up-to-date, accurate market information on strides made in energy efficiency, natural gas, and renewable energy. Here are a few snippets to depict progress in 2016 as well as put a little pep in your step:

  • 2016 saw consumers spending less than 4% of their annual household expenses on energy. A lower share has never been recorded.
  • American energy productivity continued to increase. We’re up 10% from 2011.
  • In 2011, 38% of U.S. electricity was generated by natural gas and renewable energy. This past year? 50%.
  • Carbon emissions from the U.S. power sector fell to their lowest annual level since 1990.
  • PACE financing rose 380% in one year to $45 million and is expanding its reach across the country.
  • The global photovoltaic market rose 30% to 73gw.
  • Corporate clean energy continues to gain momentum. Eighty-three companies have pledged to source 100% of their energy consumption from renewables by signing onto the “RE100” initiative.
  • Electric and natural gas utilities tripled the amount spent in 2007 on energy efficiency programs.


The road may be long, but there is comfort in knowing we move ever forward. So, celebrate with a box of donuts and a pat on the back for yourself and your co-workers. And then, let’s all get back to work to do our part in stretching the numbers even further for next year’s Factbook.

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