Client: Hunterdon Regional High School in NJ.


Challenge: The goals of this project were to conduct an energy audit on Hunterdon Central Regional High School’s energy consumption, establish baselines for energy efficiency, and identify opportunities to reduce energy usage and its overall cost. The 213,718-square-foot facility, located in Central New Jersey, was constructed in 1955 with a few additions made throughout the years. With our expertise, energy-recovery ventilators, and other energy-saving equipment, this facility’s energy consumption was decreased by 26.7%.

Solution: Haglid Engineering Associates, Inc., Building Performance Equipment (BPE), Inc.®, and the New Jersey Smart Start program acquired $289,000 in incentives towards Hunterdon’s energy reduction plan.

The plan included installing ten of BPE’s 2000 cfm Energy Recovery Modules to serve 34 classrooms. The marked improvement in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) resulted in enhanced production, comfort, and overall quality of life for students and faculty.

The plan also included energy saving upgrades such as converting electric heating to gas, replacing old unit ventilators with a high-efficiency Variable Refrigeration Volume System, installing LED and T8 lighting to replace inefficient lights, and installing occupancy sensors. Finally, we implemented a Building Management System to ensure all upgrades continue to run as efficiently as possible.

These energy saving measures will reduce the school’s energy consumption by about 26.7%. The money that the school district saves can be reallocated to benefit students in other ways. Haglid Engineering and BPE are especially proud of this project; it allowed us to make a positive impact on students, teachers, and our education system.

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