Reap the Rewards of Regenerative Condensate Return® Technology

A sustainable, earth-friendly mindset requires us to make use of everything we can in an efficient manner. Sometimes, we can even make use of something we would rather not have. Take condensation for example. What happens when the condensation that forms after humid air cools settles inside HVAC equipment?

It’s Up to You, New York — NYC introduces extreme measures to fight emissions

It’s no secret that New York City is an international epicenter known for making huge deals and marching to its own drum. However, the big deal that went down on April 22nd, 2019 is in a category all its own. The city has given sustainability hero California a run for its money through the Climate Mobilization Act, which rolls out emissions reduction goals that surpass The Golden State’s efforts. Also known as the Green New Deal, the 10-bill initiative aims to meet goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement and seeks to remove the equivalent of one million cars from the road by 2030. The Green New Deal is not simply impressive—it’s the largest carbon reduction effort begun by any city worldwide.

Why do we need to recovery energy

Energy Recovery for Sustainable Living Solutions! by Klas C. Haglid, P.E., R.A., CEM CEO and Founder of Haglid Engineering and BPE Simply put, sustainable energy recovery is about doing what you want to do today without limiting the ability for you and your grandkids...

People Need Better Places

When it comes to the world’s infrastructure, can there be a better motto than the name of the World Green Building Council’s newest program, Better Places for People? At Haglid EngineeringTM, we love the message it sends. The global project is all about increasing the demand and supply of green building practices which support the health, wellbeing, and productivity of the people within them.

New Big Deal: LEED Zero

Project teams have relied on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards to achieve healthy, cost-effective, and environmentally sound status in green buildings since the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) piloted the certification in 1998. Thanks to the third-party verification system, more people have come to understand that sustainable buildings aren’t just good for the planet. Those who build, own, and occupy them reap personal benefits. Let’s face it, we humans like our comfort and we love to save money, so once we hear people gushing over pristine indoor air, lower energy bills, and all-around better living, we all start to want in.

Engineering Standards for Forensic Application

Haglid Engineering is pleased to announce CEO Klas Haglid’s chapter contribution to Engineering Standards for Forensic Application, edited by Dr. Richard McLay and Dr. Robert Anderson. Klas Haglid, P.E., R.A., CEM, contributed a chapter case study titled, Carbon...

Energy Efficiency Day 2018

October 5th, 2018 marks the third annual Energy Efficiency Day aimed at growing a network of advocates, companies, government agencies, and utilities for the purpose of spreading the news about the benefits of energy efficient practices. How can you take part on a...