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At Haglid Engineering we put forth the necessary effort to ensure our solutions are the best for you, your environment and forthcoming generations. Our expertise allows us to create solutions which are complete, sustainable and designed to meet your varying needs. Below are some articles illustrating the level of quality you can expect from our work.

Energy Modeling for Superior Efficiency
Haglid Engineering assists building owners and design teams to design more energy efficient buildings, and to comply with code, qualify for utility incentives, meet ASHRAE/ANSI Standards 55, 62.1, 90.1 and earn LEED energy credits. We combine energy modeling, knowledge of cost-effective strategies, and our integrated design approach to help teams achieve maximum performance at the lowest construction cost. Read more...

State of New Jersey's Application for Tax Clearance - Business Assistance and Incentives
Effective July 1, 2007, P.L. 2007, c. 101 established a tax clearance program for awards of certain business assistance and incentive programs, including but not limited to a grant, loan, loan guarantee, or other monetary or financial benefit issued by the State and its independent agencies and authorities to assist in the conduct or operation of a business, occupation, trade, or profession in the State.

This application form is intended to provide the Division of Taxation with the necessary information to conduct its research and determine if the applicant is compliant with New Jersey tax laws such that a tax clearance certificate may be issued. Read more...

Two Approaches to Using Energy Recovery to Improve Overall System Energy Efficiency Rating
Traditionally the biggest challenge with air-to-air energy recovery is average efficiencies that require additional heating/cooling and therefore greatest cost. If you have a heat recovery or energy recovery unit that is 50% thermally efficient, you are going to need additional heating or cooling when it is very hot or cold outside. Running the pipework for a coil, or whatever heating method is used, can easily be much more expensive than an energy recovery or heat recovery unit itself. Therefore very efficient HRV/ERV with over 80% thermal efficiency is very beneficial. Read more...

Hopewell Valley Regional School District Earns Top Marks as the 2008 Clean Energy Educator of the Year
”Norman takes a practical, real-world approach by installing small test cases, then monitoring and verifying the operation of an energy efficient measure and then looking at how best to scale up successful systems,” Mr. Haglid wrote in his nomination. “He has had an energy recovery system in his home for many years and has taken the time to really research and become an advocate and teacher of how best to use clean energy.” Read more...

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
Engineers and other business decision makers often perform complicated analyses to develop detailed owning and operating costs (think of energy simulations or in-depth construction cost estimates), yet make final decisions based on simple economic tools such as “simple payback.” This method only works if an alternative has a short or long payback period compared to some baseline. It does not account for inflation; the cost of borrowing money; variations in periodic costs and savings; salvage value; future one-time costs to maintain or repair equipment; nor opportunity costs. Read more...

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