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Energy Engineering

The President of Haglid Engineering, Klas Haglid currently is an active voting member of ASHRAE National Technical Committee 1.8 – Owning and Operating Costs of Commercial Buildings.

Also having worked for the TRANE company as a performance contracting energy engineer for many years has provided a strong background for energy engineering a wide variety of commercial energy saving projects. As a partial sample included are the following sample projects:

  • Pacific Center of High Technology Research, Kona, Hawaii: Provided design, performance analysis, and project management for plan wide sensors, control panels and controls for the The Open Cycle Thermal Energy Conversion Process. This was the first large scale plant in the world to successfully produce a net positive electric generation from warm and cold sea water.
  • Enterprise Group Development Corporation, Wayne, Pennsylvania: HVAC load analysis and feasibility study for winter time cooling, using plate and frame heat exchanger instead of a chiller and replacement of existing chiller for better summertime performance. Provided energy savings and 10 year financial impact proforma on this system.
  • Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Kahala Coast, Hawaii: Provided current operating design loads and evaluated different design feasibility. Provided energy savings and 10 year finance impact proforma on this system.
  • Mercer County Community College, Trenton, New Jersey: Provided Building Load Analysis for HVAC systems and feasibility study for the conversion of eight separate chilled water systems to one central chilled water system with possible ice storage for electric load leveling and greater diversity.

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