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Commercial & industrial energy rebate incentives

Haglid Engineering work with a wide variety of partners, clients and other Architects has generated millions of dollars of incentives ( cash payments, not loans ) with local, state, and federal energy efficiency programs all over Canada, United States and Latin America.  Often times these incentives will reduce the simple payback to under two years and greatly offset the cost of the energy efficiency and building upgrades!

These incentives were developed to offset some of the added cost to purchase qualifying energy-efficient equipment, which provides significant long-term energy savings. A wide range of incentives is available for qualifying equipment (depending on type, size and efficiency). Listed below are the types of qualifying equipment and ranges of incentives.

  • Electric Chillers
  • Electric Unitary HVAC
  • Gas Heating
  • Natural Gas Water Heating
  • Prescriptive Lighting
  • Performance Lighting
  • Gas Cooling
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Premium Motors
  • LED Traffic Signal Lamps
  • Custom electric and gas equipment

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