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Martys Reliable Cycle


The challenge for Haglid Engineering was to renovate an existing retail bicycle shop, which was originally built as a home in the late 1800s, to achieve certification under LEED® for Commercial Interiors.


By working with the LEED® accredited staff at Haglid Engineering, Walter Kanzler, AIA, LEED AP of Eco Collaborative, LLC was able to achieve the ultimate goal of LEED certification. Haglid engineers provided several value-added services to the project, including energy modeling, ventilation design consultations, and certification assistance through LEED Online.

The BPE energy recovery ventilator was a key component of the project. Just one BPE-XE-MIR 500 series heat exchanger contributed toward satisfying EA Credit 1.3 – Optimizing Energy Performance, HVAC, MR Credit 5 – Regional Materials, IEQ Credit 1 – Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring, and IEQ Credit 2 – Increased Ventilation. In combination with the other energy reduction measures, Marty’s new shop is expected to use 40% less energy.

Marty’s Reliable Cycle is “saving the world with bikes,” and through its incorporation of high-efficiency energy recovery, the shop is also taking 39,502 car-miles (36,182 lbs. of CO2) off the road every year.

“As one of the leaders of sustainability in Morristown, I believe that ‘sustainability is good for business.’

To prove this, I decided to renovate and achieve a LEED certification. The result has been very amazing. Many people just appreciate the fact that I invested in the neighborhood and the Town of Morristown. The LEED certification has not only helped our bottom line costs but has helped in creating more sales and customer loyalty. -Marty Epstein, Owner of Marty’s Reliable Cycle

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