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On the Move convenience store


As part of an overall energy efficiency improvement project, the customer wanted to significantly reduce energy consumption utilized by the existing HVAC [Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning] system.


A BPE-200 X-Type High Efficiency Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) with two efficient inline Fantech 150 cfm fans was installed to replace the existing ventilation system. By shutting off the existing fresh air intakes on the store’s outside air handlers and replacing them with the BPE ERV and Fantech fans, the store experienced a dramatic reduction in kilowatt (kWh) consumption. The installation occurred in August 2008. Comparing the entire store’s kWh consumption for September 2007 versus September 2008, we find the following:

September 2007                    September 2008
2604.01 total kWh                  2115.85 total kWh
1119 daily kWh average         898 daily kWh average

(See City of Austin Utility Services Usage History)

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